How should luxury replica watch brands and the Internet combine

Watch brands and the Internet may seem strange, but even luxury watches can't avoid the online shift. The replica Rolex man looks very satisfied. "replica Rolex is joining Twitter!" 'But'! 'Come on warning, 'We will be a MONOLOGUE, not a conversation! ' Four years have passed, replica Rolex has not released a tweet in the official process. In order to treat fake Rolex fairly - it is expected that the luxury watch brand industry will develop in the digital age. Rolex's Twitter account may be a symbol of the relationship between the industry and online media, but let's not forget that, fundamentally, the down-to-earth technology of watch brands will never happen overnight.

For the replica watch industry, its intellectual property is also secretive and protective. In particular, the Internet, especially social media, has forced it to react faster than ever before and has established a system that it may never feel Satisfied accountability network. The replica watch brand is mainly to reach an agreement with the Internet and accept this benefit. As they should, Despite its seemingly unfortunate experience, the digital era has set off a flame in the analog industry, providing an unprecedented opportunity for replica watch brands to reach customers and replica orologi creating a new generation of mechanical watch enthusiasts that have greatly expanded the market.

No one has yet figured out how much digital media has affected the replica watch brand industry - what do you think? - But it changed the rules of the game.

The Internet has spawned a new collection of replica watch retailers, a new type of professional online replica watch magazine, and a number of watch-focused influencers, most of whom trade through social media. The sum is an unmeasurable contribution to the industry boom that has made the replica Patek Philippe and Hublot replica watch brands a household name.

In 2007, Ariel Adams launched the "Reading Blog" at his Los Angeles base, renaming his name to "Blog to replica watch" in 2012 to reflect the focus of his watch brand. Today, the site averages 90,000 page views per day and draws 800k views per month to its YouTube channel.

A year later, Hodinkee, founded by Benjamin Clymer, a UBS project manager in New York, now pays 750k uniquely per month, has 306k followers on Instagram, and sold value in June through an online platform launched in March this year. A $500,000 antique replica watch. Hobart has become a model citizen of online viewing, and last year merged with Kevin Rose (who is Digg's fame) online viewing content aggregator Watchville and received a $3.6 million investment to support its expansion into e-commerce.

But the emergence of society has indeed pushed the agenda of the replica watch industry, albeit beyond its control. Initially, this replica horloges motivation came from a theme tag like Twitter ('What's on my wrist'), but at the same time as the broader shift, it's Instagram's visual media, and is currently capturing the emotions of the watch brand community most effectively.